Our NYS DEC Environmental Easement Survey Services include: Property Identification and Verification: Our experienced team will accurately identify and verify the boundaries of your property using existing records, maps, and aerial photographs. This ensures a clear and precise understanding of the land involved in the easement. Environmental Feature Mapping: We understand the importance of safeguarding valuable environmental features on your property. Our team will carefully map and delineate essential features such as wetlands, forests, wildlife habitats, and unique geological formations, providing a solid foundation for your easement plan. Easement Boundary Surveys: We will work closely with you, the property owner, and the easement holder to prepare a detailed survey map that accurately defines the boundaries of the property subject to the easement. Our skilled land surveyors will establish or verify the location of specific environmental features, such as wetland boundaries or buffer zones, to ensure their protection under the easement. Collaboration with Legal Counsel: Our services extend beyond land surveying, as we also collaborate with legal counsel for both parties to guarantee that the easement document adheres to the requirements of the NYS DEC and other applicable laws and regulations. This ensures a smooth and legally sound process. Post-Easement Support: We value long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our post-easement support includes providing assistance with any future property or easement-related concerns that may arise. Partnering with Alli Surveying ensures that your NYS DEC environmental easement survey is conducted professionally, accurately, and efficiently. Our commitment to excellence in land surveying and our dedication to protecting the environment make us the ideal choice for all your environmental easement survey needs. Contact us today to learn more about our NYS DEC environmental easement survey services and discover how we can help you protect your property and contribute to the conservation of New York State's natural resources.